Yes, education is expensive! But consider the alternative!  And yes, property taxes are going up again. So some citizens have proposed to cap the increase in the GWRSD school budget at 2% over last year. A warrant article to this effect will be presented at the Deliberative Session on February 2 at 10:00 AM at Kingswood Arts Center. An amended warrant will go to the voters on March 12.

I understand the concern about rising costs. However, the warrant puts the shoe on the wrong foot. The real issue is that the State of NH continues to shrink funds for public education, pushing the costs down (again!) onto local communities. To cap the budget means that the local school board will have no choice but to cut back on program and personnel, making our students, ultimately, bear the burden of inadequate funding.

This is a state-wide crisis, and Democratic leaders in Concord will be addressing the issue in the months ahead. Meanwhile, we need to trust our elected school officials to be reasonable and responsible in budgeting.

You can help by showing up for the Deliberative Session on February 2 in support of all the teachers and staff who work every day to ready our young people for success.

Blair Moffett
Chair, Wolfeboro Democrats

The following two Articles are the concern of the ALERT ON SCHOOL FUNDING

ARTICLE XI: To see if the Governor Wentworth Regional School District will vote to create a Budget Committee, per RSA 195:12-a, wherein said committee would have the same number of members as the School Board, plus one member from the School Board, for which the terms of office and the manner of election of members after the first year shall be the same as for the School Board. The District Moderator shall appoint the initial members within 15 days of the election, except for the member appointed by the School Board, and said members’ terms shall expire at the next annual meeting.(SUBMITTED BY PETITION – This Special Warrant Article requires a majority vote)

ARTICLE XII: To see if the Governor Wentworth Regional School District will vote, per RSA 32:5-b, to adopt a tax cap whereby the governing body (or budget committee) shall not submit a recommended budget that increases the amount to be raised by local taxes, based upon the prior fiscal year’s actual amount of local taxes raised, by more than 2 percent. (SUBMITTED BY PETITION – This Special Warrant Article requires a 3/5 majority vote, wherein only affirmative and negative votes are used to calculate 3/5ths, is required.)

There will also be a hearing:

February 11 at 7:00 pm, School Board Meeting & Hearing on Petition Warrant Article for a Local Tax Cap
Crescent Lake School

and other locations as below.

More info, as well as the complete school warrant, is available at the GWRSD site.

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Wolfeboro Democrats meet Monday, February 18

Wolfeboro Democrats will meet Monday, February 18 at 7pm to elect officers and to hear a briefing on legislation arising in Concord. This will be the first in a series of third-Monday meetings to gather local citizens around the pressing issues of our time. Party leaders in NH have been impressed by the energy and effort expended here in support of our candidates. Our guest speaker at this meeting will be NH State Senator Dan Feltes.

“There is no ‘they’ in politics who will take care of everything,” said Blair Moffett, local Chair. “We encourage everyone to become involved, to stay informed, to join with others of good will in shaping the life of our community, our state, our nation.”

The meeting on February 18 will begin at 7:00 PM in the Lower Lounge of the Wolfeboro Inn on North Main St. Any registered Democrat is eligible to vote, but all are welcome.

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