Immediate Action Needed

from Andru Volinsky:

There’s a lot going on in Concord this week.

Tomorrow [Thursday the 27th], the Executive Council will have a hearing at 10:00 AM on the Governor’s nomination of Attorney General Gordon MacDonald to be Chief Justice. My colleages and I take public comment into account during confirmation hearings. Please share your thoughts and attend the hearing if you’re in Concord.

Note to Carroll County Dems: we are in Exec Councilor Michael Cryans’ district. From Knute Ogren:

Yesterday, I sent an email to many about the important matter of contacting Mike Cryans to ensure that he hears our voice that he ought to vote against Gordon MacDonald. Our court in New Hampshire cannot have MacDonald, a man who is not in favor of a woman’s right to choose … not in favor of ensuring the right to vote for NH … not in favor of holding big business accountable. I heard from many of you that you sent Mr. Cryans and email. Learn more at:

Thank you.

If you haven’t sent that email, it’s not too late. Here’s Mr. Cryans’ email address:

And now back to the message from Andru Volinsky:

On Thursday, the House and Senate will vote on the compromise budget and send it to the Governor’s desk. It’s far from a perfect budget. Just like every budget we’ve had for decades, it does not adequately fund public education, but it does help the most desperate schools and does establish a commission that will examine what New Hampshire’s constitutional obligation to fund an adequate education really means (hint: more than $3600 per kid).

I hope the Governor signs the budget. He has hinted that he won’t.

If you support this budget, please call the Governor’s office at 271-2121 and let him know. Better yet, please be at the State House lawn at 9:00AM on Thursday, June 27 for a rally to support education funding at the budget.

We’re already starting to change the conversation about the education funding crisis in New Hampshire. A commission is a big step towards having an honest conversation about solutions.

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