Bill Marsh for NH State Senate

About Bill Marsh:

I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, PA and first came to NH as a Dartmouth student. I became a NH citizen and registered to vote for the first time in Hanover in 1975. It wasn’t a political thing – car insurance was cheaper in NH and I was broke. I’ve been proud to call New Hampshire home for almost 50 years.

In 1986 Stefanie and I moved to Wolfeboro where I started my own successful business as an ophthalmologist – borrowed the money, hung up my shingle, and worked my butt off to make it happen. I created jobs and helped others get back to their own jobs and daily lives. I was available 24/7/365 for my patients and our community. As Senator I will be available and accessible to all.

My wife Stefanie and I raised 5 children in Wolfeboro. All went to competitive colleges and have become productive NH citizens.

I became Brookfield’s Health Officer in 2002 and served for 20 years. I truly care about public health. We have the start of a robust public health network with my health officers bill HB79 which began training for health officers and communication between towns and Public Health – but this is just the start. I want to see that vision become reality.

I became a Huggins Hospital Trustee in 2004, and remain so. Huggins was having financial issues at the time and a number of the medical staff were thinking of leaving. My two 5 year terms as Treasurer helped turn Huggins’ finances around ensuring local access to healthcare. My frugality was one reason we were successful, and I will continue to be frugal with your money as Senator. Seeing what has happened to hospitals in Laconia and Rochester, we are most fortunate to have Huggins in Wolfeboro. Access and availability of healthcare in rural NH remains my top issue. My interest in healthcare finance and telemedicine come from this experience. It was my bill HB1623 which expanded telemedicine in NH just before covid.

I became Brookfield Town Moderator in 2010 and served thru March 2022. I have ensured free and fair elections for 12 years. No one stole New Hampshire’s election.

After retiring from medicine in 2016, I was elected to the NH House. I’ve been one of the most productive House members, mostly focusing on healthcare and public health bills. First term I became known when we passed HB1822 making hormonal contraceptives available behind the counter in NH. We finally got the financing for that right with a piece of the smoking cessation bill passed last year, and the Board of Pharmacy finalized the rules in February.

Throughout my personal life, my practice, and my time as a Representative, I’ve done the work to solve problems for New Hampshire, not push some ideological agenda. Frankly I would be happier staying out of the pubic eye and quietly working on public health but that was not meant to be. If any of you have not read “The White Mountain Boys” published by by Washington Monthly last November, you should – it tells the story of my becoming a Democrat last fall.

I have not changed, I am and always will be the fiscally disciplined and socially compassionate person my former patients, now constituents, have trusted for decades. I look forward to becoming your Senator.