Gogi Millner for NH House



I’ve never aspired to entering politics (I’m a potter for goodness sake) but watching our country backslide into fear and repression has prompted me to run for NH State Representative.

The past two years have been turbulent ones in the NH Statehouse, with women’s reproductive rights, public schools and responsible gun laws all suffering setbacks under a Republican majority. And ALL of our local representatives supported these setbacks.

Although I believe that elections should be publicly funded to remove money from the electoral process to end bribes disguised as campaign donations, I am asking for donations for my campaign to support my efforts to be elected.

I’ll need yard signs, postcards and handbills. I’ll rely on grassroots donations from individuals to help me run a successful campaign and move the legislature back to the right track.

Any donation amount is gratefully accepted.

Checks can be made to:
Elect Gogi Millner
PO Box 1715
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

or you can give through the ActBlue website:

Campaign videos: Meet Gogi Millner-Candidate for the House in District 6

A Conversation with Gogi Millner About Abortion

A Conversation with Gogi Millner About the School Voucher Program

A Conversation with Gogi Millner About Opponents and Taxes

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